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Our Bootcamps were birthed from our apprenticeship program.

We found there was a need for a condensed learning system to better accommodate students who could not commit to the hours for the apprenticeship but could find 3hrs a week build their skills

Intro To Music Production

Signal Flow

Recording Audio

Drum Programming

Song Arrangement

How to Record Vocals

How to Setup and Record from Virtual Instruments

Basic Midi Programming


You’re Own Laptop (Recommended)

What Goes Into Producing a Track

What Equipment Works Best For You

How To Navigate Ableton Live

Advanced Music Production

Racks (drum, instrument & effect)


Selector Pad Creation

Song Performance

When To Use The Session View vs The Arrangement View

Sound Composition & Sound Design

How to Perform Your Production


You’re Own Laptop (Recommended)

How To Create Your Own Racks

How To Define Your “Sound”